The Simplicit Process





Team Training

Ongoing Maintenance.

At Simplicit Technologies, we take your business personally and strive to make every interaction count. Your first impression of us usually comes with our 72 points cyber security focused network assessment. Our thorough assessment not only includes your technological needs, but also your concerns and overall goals.

Simplicit takes special care to ensure privacy is maintained and major concerns are addressed as quickly as possible. We also look for compatibility between Simplicit and the client. For this reason, our CEO, Eyal Bishri, makes an effort to conduct each and every network assessment personally. Eyal has built this enterprise with the philosophy of understanding the frustrations people have with ever-changing technology, and a key ingredient in our service is to help our clients grow with technology, rather than be frustrated by it.

Here’s how our process works

1. Assess

What are we dealing with? What are the client’s business goals, and how do those goals intersect with technology? A normal assessment can take anywhere between 1 hour (for smaller offices) all the way up to 5 hours for medium businesses (50-100 endpoints) and even more for large businesses (100+ endpoints). The main objective is to come up with a preliminary set of recommendations on how to improve the IT environment and ensure it matches your overall business goals.

2. Propose

The data collected during the assessment will be processed and discussed by our higher management team (CEO and CTO). This will result in a proposal that normally includes two phases:

  • Network improvement phase – a proposal that includes the steps needed to be taken to improve your network and bring it up to standard.
  • Maintenance proposal – a document that outlines the scope of work and the onboarding plan discussed in the next step.

It is YOUR choice to decide when to apply any of the recommendations we propose.

3. Onboarding

One of the most critical steps in establishing the relationship between a new client and Simplicit is the onboarding process, or the process in which we take over IT responsibilities for a new client. During that time, we will transition the responsibilities from your current IT vendor/onsite IT team to the Simplicit team. We have enough experience to handle this step in a sensitive fashion to ensure the other side is cooperative in the process. We also have experience handling situations where there is minimal-to-no cooperation whatsoever. Generally speaking, this process ends when the following items are complete:

  • Record and categorize all IT assets
  • Remove current IT provider from managing any IT systems such as cloud-based email and make all necessary password changes
  • Install our Simplicit Agent on all machines
  • Install and update antivirus software on all endpoints
  • Transition data backups

4. Improve

This phase usually includes the steps recommended by Simplicit and approved by the client in order to improve the client’s computer network.

5. Team training

This is an internal process that includes the training of our team members so they can be ready to support your business.

6. Ongoing maintenance

We conduct quarterly meetings with you to keep you updated on what’s going on in your company from a technology perspective, and we make sure it is in line with your business requirements and goals.

WHAT WE DO? ……… we keep our clients happy!

Our service desk is managed by Matan Ben David whose prime responsibility is to ensure our clients’ networks maintain high availability and all users are happy campers. In order to accomplish that, we have established a set of procedures that will ensure no request will fall through the cracks. It is essential that every technical request or IT issue will be submitted to our team via our ticketing system. Our service coordinator’s responsibility is to match these tickets to the right tech to ensure that the critical problems get the attention they require. Our ticketing system can be viewed by our technicians and our clients, allowing both to easily examine the level of completion of each IT request.

We maintain a very detailed documentation of every client (see onboarding clients). We found that documentation and executing well thought-out procedures increases the efficiency of our operation thus increasing your level of satisfaction.

In addition, we require a certain level of knowledge and personal skills from our technicians. Our comprehensive hiring and training process was established to make sure that our technicians are not only able to handle IT requests, but that they are specifically trained and certified to handle IT requests on your site, before they are allowed to handle your endpoints.