VMware vSphere 5

Looking Into Upgrading to vSphere 5?

Simplicit Technologies can help you assess, plan, and upgrade your current VMware vSphere enviroment

VMware® vSphere® is the industry-leading virtualization platform for building cloud infrastructures that enables users to run business critical applications with confidence and respond faster to their business.

vSphere accelerates the shift to cloud computing for existing datacenters, while also underpinning compatible public cloud offerings paving the way for the only hybrid cloud model. With over 250,000 customers worldwide and the support of over 2500 applications from more than 1400 ISV partners, VMware vSphere is the trusted platform for any application

Based on ESXi which is the hypervisor with the smallest footprint on the market. vSphere 5 includes highly anticipated new features, including over 200 enhancements from vSphere 4.

Some New Features in VMware vSphere 5

  • vSphere Auto Deploy — A new deployment and patching model for vSphere hosts running the ESXi hypervisor
  • vSphere Storage DRS – Load balancing VM's between physical servers in a transparent way based on storage I/O consumption.
  • Profile-Driven Storage – identify the appropriate storage tier to place a VM based on service level.
  • vSphere vMotion - the well-known feature from VMware that migrates VM's transparently between physical servers now supports higher latency bandwidth.
  • Larger virtual machines — Virtual machines can now grow up to 32 virtual CPUs and 1TB of RAM.
  • vSphere Web Client — Access vSphere from any Web browser anywhere in the world.
  • VMware vCenter Server Appliance — Run vCenter Server as a Linux-based virtual appliance.
  • Support for Apple Mac OS X Server 10.6
  • Host-based replication for Site Recovery Manager

Want to learn more about vSphere5? Watch this quick information video on how Vsphere can benefit your business