Coronavirus and Business Continuity

The coronavirus pandemic is impacting everyone and as the situation continues to affect our world, we wanted to reach out and update you on how we at Simplicit are supporting our employees and you—our customers.

Our Employees

Our team of 20 employees are capable of working from anywhere. We’ve taken actions to reduce the need for our employees to come into our offices; at this point in time most, if not all, are working mostly from home and able to answer the phones, provide remote support and answer emails as needed to ensure you receive the technical support needed. We’ll continue to make sure our workforce is supported as this crisis evolves.

How to contact us - below

Ensuring Uptime for Customers

We know that, for many customers, this time has meant even more disruption to their businesses, with extreme swings in customer demand and stress on certain channels. That’s why we’re working across product areas where excess capacity may exist to help avoid disruptions. And, when it comes to service and support, we’ve built redundancy across locations to maintain a consistent experience for customers.

Please find below a set of services we started to implement for some customers and are available to you:

Services Offered:

  1.              Remote access to your computer:

Seeing that many of our clients are forced to close their on-site offices and move to remote office setups, Simplicit can help with allowing your users to access their computers remotely. We are offering a service (Free for the month of March) that allows users to securely connect to their work computers from home and continue their daily tasks from wherever they are located. If users use laptops, we can allow them to VPN into the office and connect to the resources they need

  1.              Phone system:

Simplicit is able to allow you to continue receiving/conferencing and transferring calls with the use of softphones and call forwarding if needed. Please reach out to us if this is needed.

  1.              Teams and office chat:

As a large portion of people are forced into quarantine, we would like to offer you our services in better utilizing your inter-office communication tools to stay productive and efficient. With the use of Microsoft Teams/ Slack or Google Hangouts (depending on your provider)

  1.               Security:


We’ve already noticed an increase of cyber-attacks and phishing attempts throughout our clients.

Phishing: Please be aware of fake emails trying to get you to click on fake corona related websites, as they may be after your credentials, or have a malicious installer in the code.

Shared Devices: An emphasis on cyber security and logging out of remote workforce once done with it – especially with shared devices

Be extra cautious with security: avoid sharing password unless absolutely needed at which point only after phone verification.

Simplicit is here to help you through this period, please feel free to reach out to us or call us at (818) 471-4030 and we will reach out to you ASAP.

Thank you.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we know that for many businesses, this time means a lot of uncertainties and concerns. We want to let you know that our staff is 100% working from the safety of their home at 100% (if not more) capacity. Here at Simplicit Technologies our top priority is People First! We want to ensure that we continue to deliver great customer service to our clients.We have tools available to allow you to work remotely from the safety of your home.