Meet the Simplicit Team

Eyal Bishri

Eyal Bishri

Founder & CEO Eyal Bishri

Eyal Bishri is the founder and CEO of Simplicit Technologies. Born and raised in Israel, Eyal got his education in computer science in Tel Aviv. After a few years of working in the field, he taught classes at John Bryce University, one of the most cutting edge computer education programs in Israel.

Eyal came to the United States in 2001 with $2000 in his pocket, and in pursuit of the American Dream. The beginning was rough, but through hard work and perseverance Eyal launched Simplicit Technologies in 2003, and hired his first employee in 2006. Now, over a decade later he has a dedicated team of true professionals in the field. Eyal has always believed in being more of a mentor than a boss. When hiring new people, Eyal looks for drive and potential. He believes technical skills are learnable, but true potential and ambition are priceless.

Since the inception of Simplicit Technologies, Eyal has done virtually no marketing. All of his clients have been acquired by word of mouth. This speaks to the level of service, and mainly to the level of trust his clients have in his ability to keep their network up, running and safe. Eyal’s philosophy has always been people first. He understands the pain points of his clients, and has mastered easing them through the transitions of technological change.


Wendy Blum

Wendy Blum

Manager of Business Operations

Wendy Blum joined Simplicit in 2013 while working on her bachelor’s degree in film and TV. She started as an office admin and has grown with the company to oversee all aspects of Business Operations: administration, finance, HR, legal and billing. Wendy previously served as IT Manger for a large non-profit organization in Wisconsin before moving to Los Angeles, experience which helps her have a better understanding of the IT world and the role Simplicit has in it.

Wendy enjoys working at Simplicit first and foremost because of the amazing team she gets to work with every day. Smart dedicated people always striving to put people first and help in any way.

Doing all we can to grow and learn every day is a gift, it’s called the present to remind us.” - Wendy

Isaac Maimon

Isaac Maimon

IT Director

Isaac Maimon was raised in Israel, were he went to Film School. He was sucked into the IT world by the vacuum created from the Dot Com bubble. Isaac went from building digital editing stations to building every other kind of computer system working at ISPs and MSPs. At that time, Isaac developed a keen interest in network security which pulled him into the financial industry where he became head of IT security and discovered virtualization.

Isaac moved to Los Angeles in 2006 with aspirations of getting into the entertainment industry, mainly as an IT professional. After meeting with Eyal, he was snatched up and quickly became an integral part of the Simplicit team.

Isaac enjoys video editing, playing the guitar, gaming, sports and recently picked up skateboarding. He enjoys working for Simplicit because “Eyal runs the business like a family, and not just the employees but the customers, as well”- Isaac Maimon

Adam El-Gerbi

Adam El-Gerbi

Server and Network Engineer

Adam El-Gerbi graduated from the University of California, Riverside with degree in political science. Computers and technology were always a hobby. Adam completed A+ and Cisco networking courses in high school. He started working in help desk for Freestyle Photography and later learned more advanced concepts including programming, automation, systems administration, networking, firewalls, and virtualization.

Another big hobby of Adam’s is writing and recording music. He just released his first album, available here:

Adam enjoys working for Simplicit because it’s very challenging and fast paced.

You must have your wits about you, as they will be tested constantly”- Adam El-Gerbi

Matan Ben David

Matan Ben David

Service and Client Satisfaction Manager

Matan Ben David has been a part of the Simplicit Technologies team since 2012. His experience began in the Israeli Air Force as a Systems Administrator. After completing his service in the air force, Matan was honorably discharged. He moved to Los Angeles, his wife’s hometown, in hopes of using his military experience in the professional world. Matan started with Simplicit as an IT technician, and moved his way up to Service Manager. His main responsibility is client satisfaction and employee-client relations.

Matan enjoys working at Simplicit because the world of technology is always evolving, and Simplicit makes sure to keep up, while keeping the clients happy.

“I try to try something new every day!” - Matan Ben David

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we know that for many businesses, this time means a lot of uncertainties and concerns. We want to let you know that our staff is 100% working from the safety of their home at 100% (if not more) capacity. Here at Simplicit Technologies our top priority is People First! We want to ensure that we continue to deliver great customer service to our clients.We have tools available to allow you to work remotely from the safety of your home.