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Simplicit is a fast-growing, privately held company providing IT solutions and services to businesses in Southern California and New York. Headquartered in Canoga Park, CA, we provide our clients with solutions to manage infrastructure cost and complexity, deliver on service level agreements, and increase business effectiveness and competitive advantage.

Serious candidates should be IT professionals with a desire to learn, expand their fields of expertise, and work within a team to help our customer’s technical systems run flawlessly. All positions require interaction with end users, so service-oriented skills are a must.

Our Hiring and Training Processes

Simplicit is always on the lookout for new talent. Every person we hire is a result of a thoughtful process which begins with inspecting hundreds of resumes and conducting 20-30 interviews to ensure we are getting the right person. Hiring an IT person is not an easy process. The unemployment rate for the IT industry is at its lowest ever, which makes it challenging to find and retain the right people. Once a person passes the people-skills interview with the CEO, we put them through a technical evaluation.

Those who fit our model go through extensive training, where they can learn our tools and understand our approach. We show them how our philosophy is put into action, and of course, they learn about each client they will be helping.

Open Positions

Please check back frequently for updates.

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