Why Virtualize ?

Simplicit Technologies provides you with a virtualization solution to fit your business needs. Whether you are virtualizing your entire datacenter of servers, or considering desktop and application virtualization for your employees, Simplicit helps you plan and implement the best solution.

Simplicit has implemented many innovative virtual solutions to meet clients' concerns. With our expertise Simplicit quickly comes up with a solution to fit even the most unique needs.

Server Virtualization

virtualization provides tremendous energy benefits and a lifeline to datacenters that are running low on capacity and high on power and cooling costs. Now businesses can create virtualized, dynamic IT environments that are cost and energy efficient and support the green movement in a significant way. Today's rising energy costs and consumption in datacenters is a hot topic, whether you care about saving money, deploying new IT services, keeping the datacenter running or sparing the environment. As energy climbs the list of corporate priorities, "Green IT" solutions are proliferating. There is no silver bullet, but virtualization often tops the list because it right-sizes the largest culprits of energy over-consumption – underutilized x86 desktops and servers. In typical environments these machines sit idle almost all of the time, consuming significant amounts of power.

Virtualization, Server Consolidation

Simplicit can help you with your datacenter, consolidate your servers and save up to 90% on the resources that you pay for to power your servers. Simplicit can help you effectively run 10 of your existing servers on a single optimizeed virtual server. We help your infrastructure grow so you can add more resources and applications for your business and employees.

High Availability

Experiencing downtime when upgrading your non-virtualized servers?

That is the thing of the past, with the ability to easily move a virtual server from one physical server to another without any downtime.

About Simplicit Technologies Server virtualization Consulting

Simplicit Technologies is recognized as a trusted advisor to our clients in crucial areas such as managed services, technology strategy and technology solution development. Our experience and depth of expertise allows us to offer clients solutions designed specifically to support their business, with the emphasis on having the right people in place that understand the client's business and technology's impact on their business. We provide technology leadership that allows our clients to focus on their core business with confidence.