Idan Shpizear

We had Eyal Bishri, CEO of Simplicit Technologies, provide our headquarter office employees with a cyber security awareness session. His highly-interactive presentation was imperative to our team since our executive team wanted to be sure everyone in our organization had better insight into just how serious cyber security threats have become to every organization and more importantly, how these threats can affect the clients of any organization.

Eyal’s discussion offered a non-technical approach with examples which helped engage our team and make it meaningful to all. We saw firsthand how many cyber security threats and/or human decision-making errors occur via network security, mobile technology, the Internet of Things and social media outlets, all critical components of a business’ success. The employees had many takeaways from the session including many steps to strengthening passwords, further checking and identifying emails for fraud and as well as best ways to send sensitive information.

We highly recommend investing in Simplicit’s Cyber Security Employee Awareness session, giving your employees the information needed to protect your business.

Idan Shpizear
Founder and CEO
911 Restoration