Today's rising energy costs and consumption in datacenters is a hot topic, whether you care about saving money, deploying new IT services, keeping the datacenter running, or sparing the environment. As energy climbs the list of corporate priorities, “green IT” solutions are proliferating, and virtualization often tops the list because it provides tremendous energy benefits and cost savings.

Simplicit is a VMware Enterprise Partner. Through this partnership we deliver the following virtualization services:

  • Datacenter virtualization - Benefits of datacenter virtualization include application development, lifecycle management, storage savings, system provisioning, and more.
  • Desktop virtualization - Virtualizing your PCs streamlines desktop and application management, reduces costs, and increases data security through centralization, resulting in greater end user flexibility and IT control.
  • Application virtualization - Virtualization can simplify your application deployment and management by eliminating application conflicts and delivering application compatibility at lower cost.

Simplicit provides you with a virtualization solution to fit your company’s needs. Whether you are virtualizing your server infrastructure, or considering desktop and application virtualization for your employees, we help you plan and implement the best solution.

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