Network Security

The risks of data breach are higher than ever, and organizations today simply can’t afford to skimp on network security. If your network isn’t adequately protected, you can be exposed to threats that will hinder your ability to do business. With Simplicit ’s Network Security services, we proactively look after your systems to protect them from cyber threats. Should an issue arise, we can resolve it before it can interrupt your business.

Network Security from Simplicit provides:

  • Managed firewalls - We deploy enterprise-class firewalls to keep internet-based threats at bay.
  • Web content filtering - Many sites contain malicious content that can put your network at risk. Our intelligent filtering system shuts these doorways into your network and stops hacker exploits dead in their tracks.
  • Antivirus protection - Our software blocks viruses, spam, and malicious attacks before they reach your network.
  • Extensive reports - Prevent inappropriate internet usage such as illegal file downloads and copyright violations with our detailed reports.

Online threats are continually evolving, and so are our network security solutions. We provide the latest security software to protect your systems from malicious attacks residing in your network systems and ensure that they never come back again.

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