Disaster Recovery Planning

Disasters come in all shapes and sizes; from earthquakes and tornados to faulty sprinkler systems and employees accidentally deleting crucial information. Are you prepared for one of these scenarios? Do you have an effective data backup plan in place? Simplicit ’s Disaster Recovery Planning solutions ensure that your data is protected, and that you can get back up and running in a matter of minutes after suffering a catastrophic event.

Our Disaster Recovery Planning solutions give you:

  • Data backups - Implement a backup system that meets your recovery point and recovery time objectives. We have experience creating backup plans for businesses of all sizes.
  • Disaster recovery - Create and implement a disaster recovery plan that includes virtualization, cloud computing, and colocation.
  • Training - Even though we try to make the systems as automatic as possible, human intervention is still required. We will train your staff on how to test the disaster recovery plan and run periodic drills.

Simplicit ’s team will review and evaluate issues that pose potential risks to your organization's operations, so you can minimize financial losses, maintain business continuity, and ensure data integrity.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we know that for many businesses, this time means a lot of uncertainties and concerns. We want to let you know that our staff is 100% working from the safety of their home at 100% (if not more) capacity. Here at Simplicit Technologies our top priority is People First! We want to ensure that we continue to deliver great customer service to our clients.We have tools available to allow you to work remotely from the safety of your home.