Cloud Migration

Migrating your data to the cloud can be a daunting task, yet it can also be a significant turning point for your daily business operations. At Simplicit , we offer Cloud Migration services to help you improve your infrastructure and save money. The process involves the relocation of all your data -- including email, applications, files, and other data -- from your onsite servers over to Simplicit ’s hosted data centers.

How the migration works:

  • Assessment - we evaluate your current infrastructure and make migration recommendations based on your requirements
  • Planning - we design the most agile, scalable and secure cloud infrastructure and plan all implementation procedures
  • Migration - once we receive your approval, we transfer your data to our cloud platform and perform thorough tests to ensure everything works seamlessly

Simplicit partners with world-class public cloud providers including Amazon Web Services and Microsoft. Our technicians can design the most efficient migration path from your existing infrastructure to a cloud-based server.

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