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Project Engineer/System Administrator

We are a Managed Service Provider providing IT services supporting clients nationwide, seeking a Full-Time Project/System Engineer, Los Angeles preferred ...

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Endpoint Security Protection


If a device is connected to your network, it is considered an endpoint, and if it is connected to a network, it can be reached and accessed ...

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What it Takes to Become an IT Support Technician

IT Support Technicians play an important role in an organization. They are responsible for maintaining an organization's IT infrastructure, ensuring that ...

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Help Desk On-Site Technician- Beverly Hills

Job description

Simplicit Technologies is an overall IT consulting and services firm servicing LA-based clients with a presence nationwide. We ...

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A Passwordless Era is Here

On September 15, Microsoft announced on their blog post that they are going passwordless. It means that users will no longer have to enter their passwords ...

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Tips on Cyber Security

General How To and Knowledge.

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