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The tablet market is becoming increasingly popular with Apple leading with it's product the iPad. Last year was the first year that the increase in laptops sales was lower the the year before. The tablet has many advantages over laptops in regards to user experience and it's much more convenient for users that are mobile like in the education and healthcare space but more and more professional are starting to use these devices as a secondary device. This trend is not overlooked by the technology market leaders which recently one of them (VMware inc) recently developed a solution that will enable organizations to leverage the ipads as the employee workstation, why use it as a secondary device when this can become the user's working environment?

Simplicit uses a solution that is the leading virtual desktop solution in the market allowing organization to deliver a rich, personalized virtual desktops as a managed service from a virtualized environment, built to deliver the entire desktop, including the operating system, applications and data to the end user device. The end user device can be a computer or a thin-client. This system has many benefits to the organization, the IT department, and the users themselves. Recently our partner, VMware released a new VMware View client application for iPad, this app enables organizations who implement a VMware view solution to deliver the user desktop to the market leader tablet, The IPAD. Turning the user's iPad into a work desktop.

Compatible with iPad & iPad 2

Now a user can come in to the office and dock his IPAD connecting it to a keyboard and get his Windows PC on his IPAD just like it was a PC. The user can also connect to his desktop from anywhere in the world if it's either from a Wifi connection or 3G connection, in this way the organization can increase the users productivity and the users themselves won't need to move around with a laptop and an IPAD. The experience is amazingly rich and very well developed for the iPad.

The iPad Workstation Experience ipad virtualization

There are many benefits to using ipads over even regular desktops or notebooks at the office. A user can now travel in and out of meetings seemlessly without worrying about heavy laptops or writng down notes which need to be dictated later onto a desktop.

The iPad is available with plenty of add-ons that can make any user more productive. Applications (apps), the ability to dock, and connect a monitor via VGA or HDMI, the ability to connect any iPad to a bluetooth enabled keyboard. With these features, every user can now be ready for work, with an iPad.

Simplicit can help virtualize your office

Simplicit is an experienced solution provider for VMware with great experience in the virtual desktops space, if you are looking for a virtual desktops solution for your organization we are the partner for you.

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