Help Desk Support Services

Simplicit Technologies offers a complete range of Help Desk Support services providing you with the benefits of an in-house IT staff for a fraction of the cost.

IT Desk Not Responsive?

  • Immediate Response – We offer immediate phone / email support to all our clients, reacting promptly to each request received. Our system engineers are notified of any problem via their BlackBerry and respond immediately. In case of emergency, we will dispatch a technician to arrive an on your site technician within 30 minutes.

Problem Not Getting Fixed Fast Enough?

  • Support Ticket - We utilize a custom-designed support ticket system to assign, dispatch and keep track of all calls and support tickets related to your network. This makes sure every call gets the appropriate attention.

Stumped with a Problem?

  • Trained Professionals - Our team of technicians are experienced in many aspects of technology. Whether you need help with your desktop or your server, we have a technician to help you.

Is Your IT Reactive or Proactive?

  • Monitoring Systems - We utilize a monitoring system for our clients that enables us to proactively monitor your infrastructure. This allows us to identify potential issues and minimize downtime.