How to Enable Twinning on Avaya Phones

Here is how to enable twinning on Avaya Phones. Mobile twinning works by having two phones ring at the same time. This is especially helpful if you are not in your office or if you are not available to answer your desk phone. You can set up mobile twinning so calls will also ring on your cell phone at the same time.

How to save battery life on your Windows phone?

Do you want to use your Windows phone for work purposes and need to save your battery life? Here are easy tips that can help you.

First go to your “Home screen”

Then slide your finger to the left, to reach your “Application” page

Once you reach the application page, scroll down and select “Settings”

After that press “Brightness”

Then unselect “Automatically adjust” and then select the level of brightness you would like.

How to Browse the Web on your Windows Phone?

Did you just get your Windows Phone and don’t know how to browse the web? Here are a few tips that can help you use your phone more efficiently.

To open a webpage

Press start, then press Internet explorer

Then press the address bar and type in the website that you wish to use and press Go (->)

To reload the webpage just press Refresh (Refresh icon) which is located next to the address bar

To stop a webpage from loading press Cancel (X) in the address bar

To open a new tab

Press start, then press Internet Explorer and press Tabs

To switch between tabs

Press tabs while you are in Internet Explorer and choose which page you would like to be in.

How to add widgets on your Android?

Do you want to add a widget on you Android? Here is any easy tip for you.

First go to your “Home screen” then either press on empty space on the screen or press “Menu” then “Add”

After a small drop down menu will appear, click “Widgets”

Next select the widget you wish you add.

How to Add Music on Your Android Phone?

Do you want to personalize your Android phone by adding your own music? Here are a few tips that could help you.

Plug your Android phone into your PC using the USB drive

On the upper left hand corner of your Android screen you should see an icon of a USB drive, drag the menu bar down and click USB connected

A pop up screen with appear click Mount

Open My Computer and click on Removable Disk (F)

After click Music in your Removable Disk folder

Now to go where you store your music on your PC and copy and paste the songs you wish to add onto your phone into the Music folder in the Removable Disk (F)

Once you have finished safely remove your USB drive my double clicking the hard drive icon on the right hand bottom of your screen and click Stop

Now go to the drop down menu on your Android and turn off USB Storage

To check if your music has been transferred go to Music and click either by Artist, Album, Song, or Playlist and your music should appear.

How to get the most out of your android phone

Whether you are using your Android for work or for your own personal use, you should set it up right so that you can be the most productive. Android devices are now becoming the most used mobile devices on the market, including in business, as companies pull away from RIM Blackberry and offer their employees the option of Android and also Apple iPhone as a substitute.

Hidden Blackberry Shortcuts

Would you like to learn about some hidden Blackberry shortcuts I have discovered?

For Enterprise Activation (Options->Advanced)
ALT+CNFG – Settings for Enterprise Activation

To use the Address Book
ALT+VALD – Validate the data structure and look for inconsistencies
ALT+RBLD – Force a data structure rebuild

from the Options menu, type the following (No ALT+ required)
RSET – Will prompt to erase & reload for a reload of the Address book from the BES
(n.b. this will wipe all entries, but you can goto SIM Phone Book & copy entries back afterwards)