Mitigate Cybersecurity Risks as Staff Goes Back to the Office

We created a guide on how to mitigate cybersecurity risks as staff goes back to the office. According to the Ponemon Institute study, businesses will lose $6 trillion this year due to cybercrime. One of the primary targets are businesses that are going back into the office with not enough security in place.

Microsoft Teams How-to Guide

We created a Microsoft Teams how-to guide. If your organization is using Microsoft Teams or planning to implement Microsoft Teams in the future, we created helpful instructions on how to achieve certain tasks. It’s a helpful guide for users to improve work efficiency.

Ways To Refresh Your Technical Life this Spring

It is springtime! Spring cleaning is not just about de-cluttering your home and cleaning out your closet, you may not want to overlook the digital aspect of your life as well. This is the best time to focus on some of the technical projects that you have been planning to do but did not have the time for.

Is Co-Managed IT Services the Right Choice for your Company?

Is co-managed IT services the right choice for your company? Some companies like having the reliability of having an IT staff in-house, and it is comforting to know that someone is around the corner whenever you need help with your computer. The question to ask yourself, is your IT staff enough to handle all your IT service needs? If not, then that’s when you’ll be able to benefit from co-managed IT services.

Tips on Using Microsoft Outlook Efficiently

Here are some tips on using Microsoft Outlook more efficiently. Most businesses use Microsoft Outlook as an email platform, but not very many people know all the features in Outlook that can help maximize efficiency.  With so many buttons and icons, it can get quite overwhelming.

Effective Tools to Use When Working from Home

We compiled a list of helpful tools to use when working from home that can increase staff productivity. A lot of companies have embraced remote work policies due to the pandemic. Now that things are starting to get better, many companies have decided to continue with the policy.

5 Ways to Save You Money on Cloud Computing

September 24th, 2020

Business owners need to be aware that there are certain unexpected costs associated with the cloud. These costs may not add up to much at first, but they can eventually cost you more than the service is worth. You need to know what measures you can take to keep those costs down.

Importance of Software Updates and Patches

Importance of Software Updates and Patches 

Lots of people delay software updates because it can take time and restarting is not always convenient. Not running software update in a timely manner, or at all, can be a big security risk since you are leaving your system exposed to known vulnerabilities that can be exploited to gain access to your system and sensitive data.

How to Change your Webcam Background in Microsoft Teams


Here is a quick tip on how to add custom background images to your webcam background when using Microsoft Teams.

The directory where backgrounds are stored is %AppData%\Microsoft\Teams\Backgrounds\Uploads

Note: If this directory does not already exist, you may need to update your Microsoft Teams or try activating the backgrounds feature once with one of the included images to create the folder.

Tips on Surviving Working from Home

Tips on Surviving Working from Home

A lot of people are working from home nowadays, whether it’s due to coronavirus or just starting a remote-based job. Although there are some challenges and adjustments that come with working from home, there are some helpful tips that may help ease the transition.