12 Ways to Protect Your Business from Cyber Attack

Here are the 12 ways to protect your business from cyber attacks. Are you aware that:

Since COVID-19, the FBI reported a 300% increase in reported
One in five small businesses fall victim to a cyberattack and of those, 60
percent go out of business in six months.

Password Manager Benefits

February 2nd, 2021

Have you heard of a password manager? A password manager is the best tool to keep track of multiple credentials on different accounts securely. Password managers automatically generate complex, hard to decipher passwords and auto-fill them for you when you visit websites, so you do not need to remember them.

Detecting Phishing Emails

Here Are Some Tips on Detecting Phishing Emails
Phishing emails, social engineered, and ransomware attacks are items we think about when someone mentions Cyber Security. 

A phishing email scam is when cyber-criminals pretends to be a trusted person or company in order to get the email recipient to provide sensitive information or infiltrate their computer network.

COVID-19 Email Scams are Rising and are Harder to Detect. Be on Guard! 

COVID-19 Email Scams are Rising and are Harder to Detect. Be on Guard! 

We all know we have to be vigilant on opening suspicious emails. Sadly, when it comes to COVID-19 messages, many people still take the bait and open those email messages. Here are examples of some calculating scams that are seen right now, and some suggestions on how to keep these scams out of your your data and systems.

Importance of  HTTPS and Safety When Shopping Online

Importance of  HTTPS and Safety When Shopping Online

As people’s reliance on the internet deepened through the years, cybercriminals also began to move more stealthily. Online shoppers, for instance, can be led to a payment page that has no HTTPS in its URL. If they enter their personal details on this page, they will be a prime target for identity theft without them knowing.

 Spam Emails 

Phishing accounts for 90% of all data breaches. With an increase of 67% in the last 5 years alone and statistic shows that the average cost of a data breach is $3.86m, and the worst part is, it only takes one! 

One of the many ways malware can infect business networks is by using email phishing.

Firewalls Required for Network Security

A firewall is designed to monitor and block incoming and outgoing data to a network and blocks suspicious traffic as defined by security rules.  If your business doesn’t have a good firewall in place, you are placing your data at serious risk.

Endpoint Security Protection

Endpoints are all laptops, tablets, and mobile devices, printers, servers, medical devices etc. If a device is connected to a network, it is considered an endpoint, and if it is connected to a network, it can be reached and accessed (if unprotected). Cyber-attacks have increased by 67% in the last 5 years (source: Accenture 2019 Cost of Cybercrime Study), these attacks attempt to steal your data, ruin reputations, cause financial damage by corrupting your system.

Are your User’s Credentials Being Sold on the Dark Web? 

Are your User’s Credentials Being Sold on the Dark Web? 


The Dark Web refers to a portion of the internet that is intentionally hidden from search engines. On the Dark Web, people operate anonymously. This allows hackers to hold a wealth of people’s credentials and perform illegal activities.